On Non-Traditional Work Patterns

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I’ve been working for myself for over four years now. In that time I’ve moved from my early-twenties to my mid-twenties and a lot has changed. I’ve worked from four home offices in three cities and have worked on countless types of projects. Over time I’ve adapted my methods and schedule and the way I work today is very different to how it was when I started out. For the first few years of self-employment I thought I needed to be at my desk from 9am till 5pm in order to be taken seriously. I’d get annoyed with...

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‘What Katie Did Next’ in Mslexia

Posted by on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 in Creative Writing MA, My Writing | 4 comments

Earlier today, issue 61 of Mslexia dropped onto my doormat. I’ve been a subscriber of the magazine for years now, and though it’s always a nice treat when it arrives; today’s was a little different. As you’ve probably guessed from the image above, this issue contains a feature article written by me! Most of the work I do is for publication online, so it’s a bit of a novelty to see a piece I’ve written in a physical publication. The feature is about creative writing masters degrees and what really happens...

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The Difference Between Billable Work and Non-Billable Work

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There are a lot of things I have to think about as a freelancer that I wouldn’t if I was more traditionally employed. When you work for yourself you have to take on a whole range of tasks and responsibilities over and above your ‘actual job’. For example, in addition to working on writing projects, I also spend my working hours doing things like managing my finances, chasing invoices, responding to emails, marketing my services and recording data. A lot of freelancers and self-employed people don’t enjoy these admin...

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A Tale of Desk Switching and Clutter Busting

Posted by on Thursday, January 23, 2014 in Freelancing | 9 comments

In the few months before Christmas, I spent very little time actually in my office. That’s not to say I wasn’t working, just that I was making any excuse possible to work elsewhere. More often than not, ‘elsewhere’ was the living room sofa. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with working from the sofa when you’re a freelancer. After all; your clients can’t see you, it’s warm and comfortable, and the quality of the work you produce there is the same as at your desk. However, there was only so...

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Nutella on Long Story, Short

Posted by on Monday, January 6, 2014 in My Writing | 2 comments

Two years ago I wrote a short story called Nutella as part of my Creative Writing MA course. I rarely write short fiction, and this particular piece languished on my hard drive for quite some time before I decided to do something with it. Happily, the story is languishing no more. Last week, it was published on the online journal Long Story, Short. You can read it here. (Want a synopsis first? It’s about Bastille Day, loneliness, the French countryside, cultural confusion, being an au pair, making a big decision and eating Nutella by...

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Announcing; Writing for the Web Course at the University of York

Posted by on Thursday, December 19, 2013 in Work Updates | 2 comments

I’m going to say it, 2014 is looking like a pretty exciting year. The biggest piece of news I have to share is this: I’ve signed up with the University of York as an Associate Trainer! I’m going to be running a course for businesses titled Writing for the Web. All the details on the course are up on the University of York website. It’s a half day course that will be running on 1st April. The interactive session will cover; How to find the story in your business communications Content marketing basics Attracting and...

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The Value of Editing

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  I spend my working days fiddling around with words. I write them, I edit them, I proof them. Some of that time is spent working on my novel-in-progress. The rest of it is spent working on client projects such as web copy, blog posts or press releases. I say this because, like a lot of people, I find it hard to turn off from my job. When I go out I look for places and details that could be worked into my fiction. When I watch TV I critique storyline arcs. When I see adverts I mentally play with and re-write them. When mail shots arrive...

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One Year.

Posted by on Sunday, October 27, 2013 in Life Updates | 1 comment

One year on, marriage is wonderful, and surprising, and challenging, and magical. A year to the day from when this photo was taken, I’m more sure than ever that marrying Mr M is the best decision I’ve ever made. Here’s to a fantastic marriage milestone, and to the next year ahead, and to whatever it should bring. The adventure continues for Mr M and I. Photo by Ian Martindale. You can see more...

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My Three Stage Fiction Redrafting Process

Posted by on Thursday, October 24, 2013 in My Writing | 7 comments

All writers have their own process. Typically, these are developed after a lot of trial and error, and I am no exception. Over the past couple of years, I’ve developed a three stage redrafting process that seems to work for me. Obviously, this process is always open to change. What’s worked for me for drafts two and three won’t necessarily work in the future, but I thought I’d share what my redrafting process looks like now. Step One – Editing (or, Scribbling). The first thing I do is print off a full manuscript...

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Eyecandy for Word Lovers

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I like literary quotes. I like notebooks. I like typography. These things combined, I was very happy to stumble across these gorgeous notebooks by Em Dash Paper Co. Aren’t they just lovely? So lovely, in fact, that I thought they needed to be shared… so here they are. I can just imagine whiling away an hour in a cafe with a pot of tea and one of these pretty notebooks. When I’m not working straight onto my laptop, I usually end up working on plain old lined paper. The perfectionist in me wonders if  the words wouldn’t...

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